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(45 minutes for Salon de Provence)

Situated in the heart of the Alpilles, Saint Rémy is one of the must-sees of Provence. Its green and subtly perfumed valleys, its beautiful residences restored with taste and its old streets full of charm made its success... 

A beautiful heritage enriched by the archaeological site of Glanum and the Antiques, of which the Triumphal Arch and the Mausoleum of Julius are the exceptional testimonies of the High Antiquity. 

Site archéologique de Glanum

Archaeological site of Glanum 

The archaeological site of Glanum presents the ancient remains of an entire city whose influence was undeniable from the 6th century BC to the 3rd century AD. 

This urbanistic concentration integrating civil and religious monuments is unique in Provence. 


The local elites took advantage of the natural resources, the perennial spring and the limestone, to adorn the city with a monumental setting unique in Provence. 

We can still see the great monuments, arranged along a central street, which characterise the cities of Imperial Rome, the temples, the basilica, the Forum, the Curia, the thermal baths and the houses. 


Full price: € 8.00 


Reduced rate: free 


Under 18s, 18-25s (European Union citizens), Disabled persons, Jobseekers: free 


Price of the guided tour: Free for the general public 


Duration: 1h15 

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Saint-Paul de Mausole

Saint-Paul de Mausole